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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Hoover Elementary!

  If you are a returning student or if this is your first experience here you are in for a real treat. We have excellent teachers and high expectations for all of our students. You may have noticed the large banner on the side of our building stating we are an A+ school. That banner is the result of the hard work of our dedicated teachers and parental support. Our goal is to provide your child with the best educational program possible. You are the first and most important teacher in your child’s life. That is why we, at Hoover Elementary, continually solicit your involvement and support. Parent involvement is high on the list of factors contributing to a student’s success in school. How can you get involved? Show your children you are interested and concerned. At home, take the time each day to talk to them about their experiences in school. Most children are bursting at the seams with accounts of their daily activities. Your interest in their progress and personal development in school will motivate them to want to learn.

            Get involved at school by maintaining contact with your child’s teacher. Feel free to ask questions and request conferences to discuss your child’s progress. Attend Parent/Teacher conferences.

            Be supportive of the exciting activities held each year. We are always looking for extra help. Working together as a team can make the school year a very successful one for your child.

            Please remember that we have an open door policy. We welcome your input and suggestions to make Hoover Elementary the best it can be.


Marci Galinowski, Hoover Principal