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Hoover Academics

Mission Statement

Hoover Elementary parents and staff work together to prepare our children to live successfully in a challenging and changing world by providing an academically enriched environment, meeting the needs of individual students, expecting personal best effort, and strengthening caring relationships. As we meet these criteria we promote life-long learning and develop responsible citizens.

Hoover Curriculum

Mollie B. Hoover's curriculum is built around the Indiana State Academic Standards. Our most comprehensive written curriculum is Language Arts. This curriculum contains attention to reading, grammar, spelling and writing.

Our science and social studies curricula are complete, and have been updated following the adoption of a new series. 

Extensive work was done on the math curriculum, aligning the My Math and Everyday Mathematics series with the state standards. These curricula along with multiple copies of the Indiana State Academic Standards are  in the school office in a large binder in the principal’s office as well as in each classroom. Academic Standards are also published online on the Indiana Deparment of Education website.

State standards for art, physical education, and music are available in the appropriate classrooms. Technology curriculum has been completed and ties directly with state standards in other content areas. Scope and sequence have been developed. The Media specialist provides training. Every classroom teacher at Hoover Elementary has a copy of the current Curriculum Maps. The mapping was done to correspond to the state standards as well as the state testing plan and NWEA. Teachers will work together in grade level groups to annually to revise the curriculum map for each school year.

Hoover Homework Policy

Work is to be turned in on the day it is assigned.  If work is not completed it is considered late, but the student has until the following morning to turn it in for full credit.

If the work is not turned in on the second day the grade is a zero.

Additional consequences for not completing homework on time are at the descretion of the classroom teacher and may include lunch dentention, Friday after school dentention, parent conference, or placement on a homework contract.